Sunday, May 4, 2014

French Daisy

YOOO how are y'all doing? What a long hiatus that just was. My b, guys. I've been mondo busy with work and traveling again and life, and my nails have been super ugly for eons. But now today, since I'm about to repaint my room back to boring white (yuck) to prep for moving, I decided to paint my nails super cute, because that makes sense. I'm sure they'll make it just fine through the painting process. (A four part chorus of laughtracks can be heard in the distance at this point.)

Anyways, here are my super lazy summery sunday nails! I was inspired by a post on tumblr, as well as my favorite perfume, Daisy by Marc Jacobs. They have such cool lookin ads and bottles, right?? I started off with a base of Duri Rejuvacote to keep my talons strong n long, then added two coats of Essie Sugar Daddy, aka the most perfect crelly baby pink in the whole world. After a day of being too lazy to continue the mani, I pulled out Mabelline Porcelain Party, China Glaze Happy Go Lucky (wow what a fun name combo), and my dotting tool, and went to work. A coat of Gelish topped them off with a super fab shine, and in the rare event that I don't cover them in white paint within the next 3 hours, it'll keep them chip free for like 4 days. Go me!

Ok but really guys this mani was super easy. Try it! Try it right now!!

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